FrekSYS delivers all the features your school needs with none of the headaches you expect.

For Admins

  • Safe and protected place for your student data
  • Easy maintenace of academic records
  • Centralised data repository
  • Simplified admission process
  • Streamlined daily operations
  • User friendly interface with minimal IT skills
  • Share academic records securely with students, & parents
  • Manage / Evaluate performances and progresses of teachers and students.

For Teachers

  • Easy communication with students and parents.
  • Data-driven reports on student’s progress.
  • A unified place to maintain the student’s grades.
  • Easily manage a student’s record.
  • View News, Events and Academic Calendar
  • Give and mark assignments and test
  • Host a virtual lesson
  • Easy storage and access to lesson notes and question banks

For Parents

  • Make data-driven decisions to improve their ward's growth
  • Monitor & track the progress of students.
  • Easy payment of fees.
  • Communication easily with teachers.
  • Greater engagement in creative programmes.
  • Massive time savings
  • View Attendance, Time-table, Fee-details, Exam dates etc. of their wards.
  • View News, Events and Academic Calendar

For Students

  • Access to lesson notes and assignments
  • Get familiar with computer based test
  • Effective communication with teachers.
  • Instant notification on important events.
  • Access to timetable, and examination schedules.
  • View News, Events and Academic Calendar
  • Access to academic reports/results




Poor/No Internet Connection!