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How can I sign up my School?

Your school can sign up by subscribing to any plan of your choice below. On successfull subscription, you will receive your account login details to set-up your student information system.

How does FrekSYS result computation work?

With this solution:

  • Teachers will only provide test and examination scores in Excel spreadsheet
  • Admins will upload the scores online.
  • The System will generate individual student's result and store up for easy accessing and downloading.

Why should I choose FrekSYS?

  • Reduction in school administrative running cost.
  • Increase in school administratiive efficiency and productivity.
  • Ease of students' admission process.
  • Cost effective solution, pay only for service, zero spending on hardware.
  • Storage of students results both Online and offline.
  • Provision of full data compliance and better data security.
  • eResult scratch cards
  • Email and SMS alert for parent and student.
  • 24/7 customer support and comprehensive training provided by our experts at your own convenience.
  • No technical knowledge required, due to a user friendly platform.
  • Multiple backup storage facilities.

How can my School use it?

    Your School can make use of this solution in many ways depending on the need and financial capability of your school.

  • Without a school website: We will provide a website at a cheaper rate so you can set-up and manage your student's details from there.
  • With school website: simply ask your web developer to link up to this solution. We work well with existing developers to get it done.

How is FrekSYS different from other Student Information System?

FrekSYS is a user-friendly and web-based school management system, also provide customization and unlimited user license at an affordable price.

What kind of software programs do I require to run FrekSYS?

To run FrekSYS, you don't require any software installation. It is an entirely web-based Student Information Management System which is designed to simplify your daily operations.

Can FrekSYS software be customized for my Institute?

Yes, according to your institution's needs, FrekSYS can be customized.

Does FrekSYS provide data backup facility?

Yes, FrekSYS provides data backup storage facility. Customers can easily retrieve their data.

What measures do we take for data security?

Keeping the school data safe and secure is the topmost priority of FrekSYS. We offer full privacy to school data as per industry standard. The data remain fully encrypted when it has stored in FrekSYS system.

Can the report be customized in FrekSYS?

Yes, you can customize the report according to your needs

Does FrekSYS offer support and training to clients?

FrekSYS offers support in your time of need. You can connect with FrekSYS experts any time through the call, email, and chat

Will I be bound to any long-term contract?

No, you will not be bound to any long-term contract with FrekSYS. Contracts are based-on subscription plans, and it ends at the expiry of the plan.

What happens to the information when the academic year is rolled-over?

All the historical data kept at a centralized place, and none of it's get deleted. All the relevant users have access to their data, even when the academic year is rolled-over.

How much does FrekSYS cost? Any hidden fees which I should know about it?

Our pricing plan divided into three parts. Go to our subscription page to know more. Other recurring payments may be in the form of SMS fees for those who go for it.

Can I switch from one package to another after purchase?

Yes, you can upgrade your package anytime you would like to. You can get in touch with your Accounts Manager as and when the upgrade is required.

Can I try FrekSYS before buying it?

Definitely, you can try a free demo trial to get a deeper understanding of all FrekSYS features. Our demo is free for 14 days. Try today!

Have any questions?

We are happy to help you. Write us to or chat/call the support desk +234-812-768-9596


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